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Gentoo users know however that this process is extremely frustrating for power users that want to live on the bleeding edge.

Even power users from other distributions probably share the same feelings, given the popularity and spread of tools like apt or apt-rpm which make it possible to have quick and frequent updates.

Make sure to read the description of said profiles before deciding to migrate to one of them.

Most architectures now also default to the 2.6 kernel tree where 2.4 was chosen previously.

A profile is a set of configuration files, stored in a subdirectory of , that describe things such as the ebuilds that are considered system packages, the default USE flags, the default mapping for virtual packages, and the architecture on which the system is running.

The profile in use is determined by the symbolic link .

A recurring question about the Gentoo release process is: "Why roll out new releases frequently, if they are not intended to let users update software?

With the introduction of 2005.0, several architectures have decided to define additional profiles.to unmask a 2.6 version of sys-kernel/gentoo-sources and a full rebuild.All other archs - There are no fundamental changes in this profile. To switch to the 2005.1 profile, point the - With the 2005.1 release, the ppc and ppc64 profiles were merged and a number of subprofiles for specific subarchitectures were created.To view the list of supported profiles, call Some systems are too old to just switch the profile.Newer profiles might need more recent Portage versions or other software that cannot be installed anymore because the package definitions (ebuilds) for those older software versions are not available anymore.

Ideally, users install software once and never bother with releases: just follow the instructions in A Portage Introduction in the Gentoo handbook that explain how to keep the system up to date.

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Upgrading Gentoo. From Gentoo Wiki. Jump to navigation, search. This page. and start updating vital packages on the live system. 
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Updating perl howto introduction

Updating perl howto

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