The infrared wireless port when updating a pda from

The portable maintenance terminal may be a conventional personal digital assistant (PDA) or other form of portable, preferably handheld, computer programmed to support these maintenance functions.The peripheral device may be a printer having an integral infrared transceiver.The invention provides a portable, handheld maintenance terminal that communicates with a printer using an infrared or other wireless data link.

The present invention is directed to a system and method for providing for local maintenance of a computer peripheral device such as a printer or scanner without use of computer systems, communication networks or other facilities permanently connected to the printer.The terminal includes a display providing information about the suite of peripherals installed at a particular location including a map display indicating peripheral status and proposed “minimum walk” for efficiently visiting and servicing the peripheral devices.The invention relates to computer peripheral equipment and in particular to printers configured to interface with a portable maintenance terminals for accessing maintenance information and updating printer software/firmware.However, even if available, local access to the printer may require gaining access to the attached computer, loading the appropriate maintenance routines, establishing communications with the printer, downloading maintenance data from the printer to the computer and uploading software/firmware updates to the printer, etc.Alternatively, maintenance personnel can transport the printers to a central maintenance facility to perform these maintenance tasks.

Such maintenance data may include printer serial number, total pages printed, pages printed since last maintenance, toner level, error codes, results of routine and specialized diagnostic routines, identification of software and firmware used by the printer, etc.

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PDA cradle. wireless ISP. an infrared port. wireless networking. Updating data so that the files on the PDA and the desktop computer are the same is called. 
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A USB port is the type of port that is used by an infrared mouse. What is the maximum range for using the infrared wireless port when updating a PDA. 
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A handheld portable maintenance terminal includes an Infrared transceiver for establishing a wireless communications link with a peripheral device such as a printer. 
16-Sep-2018 09:07

The infrared wireless port when updating a pda from introduction

The infrared wireless port when updating a pda from

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