Otzi radiocarbon dating

Also known as Lady Dai or Marquise of Dai, was the wife of Li Cang (??

Watch out, 'cause you're in for a truly macabre experience.

Using a mixture of chemicals including formalin, to kill bacteria, zinc salts to petrify the body and its organs, alcohol, salicylic acid and glycerin. The body was so sell preserved she came known as "Sleeping Beauty." The innocence on her face is so well preserved and evident that she is the most visited mummy in the catacombs.

She has this uncanny attraction that makes her the most well preserved mummy in the world.

Over 500 years ago, 15-year-old La Doncella and two other children were left to freeze to death by the Inca in a ritual sacrifice.

Sitting cross legged high at Mount Llullaillaco, she was drugged with chicha and coca leaves to induce a heavy sleep, and left to die as an offering to the Sun God.

She gained fame more than 2,000 years after her death, when her tomb was discovered inside a hill known as Mawangdui, in Changsha, Hunan, China.

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Radiocarbon dating of the Iceman Ötzi with. probably used to carry equipment for making fire. 14C dating at the AMS facilities of Uppsala. 
06-Aug-2018 11:57
Radiocarbon dating of the Iceman Ötzi with accelerator mass spectrometry Walter Kutschera VERA Laboratory, Institute for Isotope Research and Nuclear Physics 
06-Aug-2018 12:00
Carbon dating. Detail of the Ötzi. Later called Ötzi the Iceman. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS. 
06-Aug-2018 12:04

Otzi radiocarbon dating introduction

Otzi radiocarbon dating

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