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We’ve worked together quite a bit over the years and I knew that he would be the guy, not only to help with the arrangements, but to play it. It seems to me in a lot of ways to be the most personal album you’ve made. He plays in Delbert’s band and he’s written with everybody in Nashville. Anyway, he and Waylon wrote the song a couple of years before Waylon died, and it was sent to Sam, my kid for another project like four years ago. So anyway, So I was listening back to it, and I said, Willie’s gotta do this with me. And Gary told me, he started the song and then Waylon finished it.

Yeah, yeah, because when I write swing music, and western swing music and boogie, and that sort of thing, it’s really writing to a form you know. You know, same thing, any music that enters my head, if I can get away with it, let’s do it. And we almost finished the album, and Sam said, “You need some other song.” That’s when we got the J. Cale thing in, and he said, “Check this out, I forgot about this.” It was on a cassette, just Waylon singing with a guitar. When I told him that I’d done it with Willie, he like almost cried.

We’ll be putting out the next Bob Wills Tribute album. We’ve got George Strait, Vince Gill, Willie Nelson, Robert Earl Keen, Buddy Miller, Jamey Johson, the Avett Brothers are gonna do a cut, Lyle Lovett’s gonna do a cut, Carrie Rodriquez did one, Kat Edmonson. I’m trying to raise some money so that I can sign some of these guys and do ’em right. Do you have any advice for the songwriters out there? You’re in the middle of that, oh I’ve gotta go, I’ve got another appointment, oh see ya. He would get up every morning and go into the office and from nine o’clock to two o’clock, he’d write songs.

And sometimes he’d co-write, but mostly he’d write.

As you know, in the past few years, we’ve lost a lot of the great ones in country music, do you see anybody coming along who’s gonna pick that up? Everything from Buddy Miller to Jim Lauderdale to I can’t remember some of the guy’s names.

So I had all these partially finished or finished songs, and that was the process. So anyway, I love ’em all, everything from Irving Berlin to Dylan to Willie Nelson. Tell me about the Waylon song, who’s the co-writer on that? Gary’s written a bunch of hits for everybody from Kenny Chesney to George Strait and a lot of Delbert Mc Clinton stuff.

When you were writing did you hear the arrangements and instrumentation in your head or did that come later? And that was part of getting Lloyd Maines ’cause I knew – I felt the material was – Lloyd and I, we’ve produced some records together. ” I wrote that after we had finished recording most of the stuff. And he’s a great, great guy, a Fort Worth guy, and a great guitar player too. You know the first time I heard Waylon was in Philly, his first album on A&M.

Well, it started with the song “A Little Piece,” and that was like a six-year journey. You know they tell the story about the Coen Brothers movie, about how they had to teach the actor how to finger pick, and how difficult it was.

I started it and Michelle said, “You gotta finish this song, it’s really amazing.” And so what I did was basically took my three-foot high stack of scribblings and went back through it, wrote some new ones, found half-finished ones and finished them and realized I had a shit load of material here that I sort of put on the side burner, knowing that it wasn’t going to go on an Asleep At The Wheel album. What struck me about it was it’s also a tribute musically. I said yeah man, that style of playing is, I don’t know how to describe it except that it ain’t easy to learn how to do and then to apply it to a creative process.

They’re the most genuine group.” During the past year Benson’s been recording his second solo album, A Little Piece (Bismeaux Records). Instead Benson delves into other forms of music that he’s liked, listened to and played all along.

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Michelle valles dating ray benson introduction

Michelle valles dating ray benson