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Megui not updating

Also version checking has been moved to Git Hub, file still hosted at Source Forge :) 19/Feb/2015: Finally I moved IFME webpage here, since this content is static mode, I wonder how browser react, because I set not to make any cache. Version still not released yet, better I fix all error and bug. 15/Nov/2014: IFME version has been release! 06/Oct/2014: A hot fix IFME 4.7 has been release, now you can copy audio without encoding keep original as is.....Since project web not so stable, I more prefer Git Hub way :) 05/Feb/2015: If you wondering what is IFME and what IFME do, here some article that help you to understand, 1. You can track IFME development on Git Hub and news on IFME Facebook Page! before I forgot, IFME page and update query will moved to "hevc.github.io" for better editing and maintenance, probably page theme may change too, if you web designer like to help, contact me via FB page! 20/Jan/2015: From 9 January until 15 January I was at Japan (around Tokyo), It was cold, nice place, peace and very fun, I like the train melody when the door going to close! 03/Oct/2014: Any time soon IFME 4.7 released with new missing feature, Audio pass-through/extract, no need to encode audio, just reuse, if you convert an DVD/BD, better convert it :) 30/Sep/2014: I happy to announce IFME 4.6 has been release under Linux and Windows!Proceed to download :)Also support IFME on Steam Greenlight for future development!06/Sep/2015: Due to many request, soon IFME will available for 32 bit OS :) 07/Aug/2015: You can reach me at Facebook, Twitter and Git Hub, all development update will publish on facebook, since this was a static HTML. Long time no update, since this a static HTML page :) I have something to tell you all that IFME Go (v5) is here, still in alpha stage, but much improved then previous version, since I rewrite new code, however, you all can get pre-release/alpha version here 09/May/2015: APC74 provide MP3 encoder for IFME, now you can encode into MP3 for MP3 lovers :) 01/May/2015: Any-time soon IFME 4.10 will be released, also IFME 5.x also start develop, I hope this will be much better then before!18/Jun/2017: I have some good news, IFME 7.1 is released! I am sorry for delay, so many problem happen to me, which is my computer died :( and to own new one is very expansive and luxury (3rd world country). you can donate to my paypal, so I can build new one and use for another 8 years :) 13/Dec/2015: Very soon IFME 5.2 will be released!Currently validating to make sure error free 05/Nov/2015: Glad to announce that IFME now have new home page, entirely written from scratch, with help Bootstrap! Re-write entire NEW code, GUI, CLI and most important is you now able to save queue listing :) even can continue encoding via CLI, allow IFME doing less CPU resources and maximise encoding!however I still keep on eye on this project :3 and then Francisco Pozo 'DJ Fr ANKy EHP' send enhancement proposal also Nemu-san make an User Manual in Japanese. finding bug and glitch, however due to I busy with my current job (start at AM to PM) I will keep on eye this project :) 01/Jan/2015: Happy new year everyone! 17/Sep/2014: I unable to post an update (4.6) due my ISP having international peering issue, thus every-time I upload, turn out failed on each KB 09/Sep/2014: I has been busy to porting IFME on Linux, I tested using Ubuntu 14.04.1, you can take a look on my twitter 31/Aug/2014: IFME 4.5 released! all bug and issue has been fix so far, very huge improvement, yet still beta, now IFME can de-interlaced, keep frame rate mode, keep MKV subtitle, chapter and attachment!As you know, IFME 4.8.1 will release in this month, need to find bug and make sure it compatible! including Italian translation by Matrix G, with various of fix! 15/Aug/2014: These days I do wrong version numbering, IFME later become 4.5.x.x, by following this standard: 13/Aug/2014: Today I just found IFME on Video Help forum, I decide to step in and join the community.

12/Aug/2014: Elmapul just add new "Brazilian Portuguese" for IFME, I run some experiment on 4K x265 encoding, quality are same and x265 yet provide much more smaller! 11/Aug/2014: I happy to announce that IFME no longer have sync issue, IFME will keep frame rate mode and fps information!

with feature that console log can be save by pressing CTRL S, found any possible glitch, input file validation, just read Change-log. Where Audio mode for Compile and Multiple stream has been fix! 19/Jul/2014: Version has been release, if you using, I suggest download manually, because updater got issue! 3 new language and Japanese language has been corrected. 17/Jul/2014: It may sound lame, Subtitle and Attachment have issue where video cannot encoded, also French Translation will be included on next update with fixed Subtitle/Attachment...

16/Jul/2014: I Happy to announce that IFME 4.0 has been released!

10/Apr/2015: Thank you for your donation to IFME Project :) However, IFME 4.9.5 now support Avi Synth Support you can get it here, however this version likely not stable and only accept at this moment plus I adding HFR (High Frame Rate), found any issue, just send a issue at Git Hub or can contact via IFME FB Page.

Take note that IFME 4.9.5 is not public and official release for production stage.

Soon IFME will return to support Windows XP 64bit, just downgrading to .

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Megui not updating introduction

Megui not updating