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This is not something I am advocating and don’t want you to take the wrong way. Either have fun, let yourself feel free and silly, or don’t.

Peer pressure is stupid and honestly makes zero sense; if you feel like you have had too much alcohol, Keep it lighthearted. Do not use it as an excuse or platform to air the dirty laundry of other people. The key here is to understand that what you are looking to do is to build some kind of connection and rapport with others.

laughed at a joke even though I didn’t think it was funny …

stuck gum under the table instead of throwing it away …

canceled plans so I could stay home and binge watch a show …

And hey, you might find out some crazy embarrassing moments about your friends and see people in new light!

You do not have to bear your soul—the point is to join in and have fun.

Step 4) As each person says their “Never have I ever,” anyone who done what others are talking about puts a finger down.

hooked up with someone while thinking about someone else …

hooked up with someone while someone else was in the room …

It’s something lighthearted, not serious and heavy. heated something up in the microwave and forgot about it …

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List questions ask online dating introduction

List questions ask online dating

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