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Civilizing influences from the Middle East began again to be felt by the peoples of south-eastern Europe in the centuries after 1000 BC.

Phoenician merchants developed new trading networks across the Mediterranean Sea.

Apart from […]Go to Time Map "Having been ousted from Spain, Almohad power soon collapsed in North Africa as well as it fell victim to internal strife and became fragmented amongst regional dynasts.

In the 1230’s independent dynasties became established at Tunis, at Tiemcen and at Fez, in Morocco, and the Maghreb became divided along lines very similar to the present […]Go to Time Map "England fell into a long bout of violent political instability in the period known as the Wars of the Roses (1455-85).

Material progress has continued for the past thousand years.

Over the next few centuries they will become Celts, Germans, Slavs and Italians.

Next map, Europe 500 BCERead the full article on Ancient European History Over the last few centuries the coming of the Iron Age to Europe has led to a large growth in populations throughout the continent, as well as great advances in culture.

Civilization has arrived from the Middle East, with its already ancient cities and empires, by way of the Aegean.

First the Minoan civilization of Crete appeared, then the Mycenaean civilization of Greece.

The main players in these wars were powerful and turbulent nobles, so, when the Tudor Henry VII triumphed (reigned 1485-1507), he set about curbing their power and centralizing government in his own hands.

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East erope dating introduction

East erope dating

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