Creationist view radioactive dating

His published research has included work on marine invertebrate ecology and paleoecology in the northern Gulf of California; fluvial taphonomy; the systematics and evolution of salmonid fishes; Pleistocene mammalian biogeography; and zooarchaeology of fish remains from sites in Michigan and New Mexico.He was privileged to be able to co-author, with former Calvin College colleague Davis Young, The Bible, Rocks and Time, published by Inter Varsity Press in 2008.It is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that saves us from the wrath to come, not belief in a young Earth.

Yet, as we pointed out, a firm commitment to the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture does not require a Christian to believe the theory of a recent creation to which young-Earth creationists adhere.

I recommend those to inquiring minds on every possible occasion. The Bible, Rocks, and Time: Christians and an Old Earth (Conclusion)Retrieved April 8, 2018, from /blogs/ted-davis-reading-the-book-of-nature/the-bible-rocks-and-time-christians-and-an-old-earth-conclusion .

Once the problem of excessive literalism has been removed, many Christians are able to evaluate the science on its own terms, without seeing a theological threat under every rock. We gratefully acknowledge their cooperation in bringing this material to our readers.

And certainly the gospel of Jesus Christ does not demand acceptance of a young Earth.

Nor is the eternal salvation of anyone anywhere ever dependent on acceptance of a young Earth.

We believe that those who are most firmly committed to young-Earth creationism do so because they are convinced that a divinely inspired, infallible, inerrant Bible demands it.

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Creationist view radioactive dating introduction

Creationist view radioactive dating

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