Books on dating a recovering alcoholic

If I can be of service, please visit my website I invite you to explore my new book Reclaim Your Life - You and the Alcoholic/Addict at have not drank 5-1/2 years.I go to meetings almost every day but i am not a big 12 stepper. If I dont do the patience tolerance acceptance I get the dd syndrome.So if I get wronged I return the wrong on the spot so as not to get a resentment. I do not also need to put up with abuse or neglect i can walk away and get what i need elsewhere. i can quietly say no thank you i have had enough and say have a nice day and split.dont have to get mad or explain what they already know.I am a regular drinker but it has never caused any ill effects for me, I can put a stop to it easily when I need to get something done, get to sleep for work or if I'm at a work function that involves alcohol and I need to keep my wits about me.She on the other hand before going sober for 7 years used to at times drink for 48 hours straight and do a variety of drugs including vicadin and cocaine.

I feel AA/NA is the about the only place where one can go to learn and grow, in their fight of addiction. I question whether or not the author of this article is an alcoholic.I've been there with my own loved one and it's not a comfortable place to be.An open mind and positive attitude is a good place for the recovering alcoholic to start and it is imperative for them to deal with the painful issues that might have brought them to their addiction in the first place.This is the only way for any real progress toward a clean and healthy life style can take form.Though this may sound sophomoric, but the alcoholic/addict needs to pursue another passion other than his drug of choice.

i just leave I realize now that during the 10 year period I was not drinking and drugging I was on a dry drunk and honestly did more damage during this time than any other while drinking. I had no social life and no friends because I was still isolating so it was my family that took the brunt of my crazy behavior. She in most ways is an incredible person, so sweet and loving and caring.

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Books on dating a recovering alcoholic introduction

Books on dating a recovering alcoholic

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